SBOBET: Asia’s Leading Online Gaming Site

SBOBET: Asia’s Leading Online Gaming Site

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SBOBET is considered as the leading online betting brand in Southeast Asia. They’re an online bookmarking site and they operate in Asia regulated and licensed by FCLRC (First Cagayan Leisure and Resort Company) under the Philippine Government and they also operate in Europe which is licensed and regulated by the IOM: Gambling Supervision Commission.

Their website was launched in the year 2004 and they have won countless awards since they won in the EGR Awards that were organized by a Review Magazine called eGaming, they were also announced as the Asian “Operator of the Year” for the years 2009 to 2010, and they are also considered as the most influential betting company all around the world.

They’re well-known for the great odds, however, it also has a limit, instant settlements of wages taken and fast payouts, which is the reason why they stand out to be the very first Asian choice according to most customers.

Betting Coverage, Limits, and Odd Quality

They offer a wide variety of sports events in where you will bet on. Since they are based in Southeast Asia sports book, they concentrate on football, but you will be capable in finding known competitions in greyhound racing, horse racing, rugby, ice hockey, tennis, and basketball.

Many consider that their odds quality are the best within the industry and they are certainly on the top of what a European founded bookies currentlypropose. SBOBET offer various odd formats such as Indo, Malay, Hong Kong, and European to attract a broader range of customers.

Every time that you place your bet, the maximum and minimum bet quantity for the specific event will be posted at the lowermost section of any bet coupon. Players are requested to set their bet to themaximum in the section of preferences, while their limit is higher in contrast to European criteria.

Live Betting

SBOBET’s offers and thrilling form of betting live online using their live betting portion made it easier for players to bet with odds which are automatically replaced and screening to a client whether they are going down or up. Concentrating on their live bet section is as well a handicap offered in Asia, although you are allowed to bet like a regular European offer too.


SBOBET have received a lot of awards thus it confirms that SBOBET is the leading gaming brand online in Southeast Asia. They offer betting coverage and odds quality and it has a bet limitations so that you won’t get greedy in betting on a single game and ending up losing the game. The live betting feature on their website is a great help for players to place their bets and it will show whether the player is losing or not.

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